Production Challenges of ASP.NET Website – recording of my talk

“It works in my PC”, the common dialog from Developers. But on production CPU burns out, disks go crazy, your site stops responding every now and then, you have to frequently recycle application pool, or even restart windows to bring things back to normal for a while.

As your site grows from thousands to millions of users, delivering new features and bug fixes becomes an increasingly complex process where you have to ensure the performance and stability of the site is not compromised. Let me tell you some stories from the trenches how I grew my hot startup Pageflakes (acquired by MySpace founder Brad Greenspan) from thousands to millions of visits within a year surviving through production software, hardware, process, people challenges and how you can avoid and solve them using my handy collection of articles and tools.

Watch the presentation I made in a LIDNUG session:

Find the session with the title “Production Challenges of ASP.NET Website”.

Unfortunately they could not record the whole session. But whatever is there should be useful for you.

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