Pageflakes #1 Start page in Web 2.0 awards

Pageflakes won the Web
2.0 Award for #1 Start Page. See the “Start Page” category

#2 is Google’s IG and #3 is Microsoft’s Windows Live.

Pageflakes is developed using ASP.NET 2.0 and Microsoft

Here’s what Pageflakes say:

Pageflakes is your personalized Internet. You can add what you
like and remove what you don’t like – and it’s totally simple. What
you see on the site right now is just a selection of a few standard
modules (“flakes”, as we call them) that allow you to read blogs,
do web searches, create a to-do list, check your Gmail account and
read the latest news. Normally you’d have to go to a different web
page for each of those things. With Pageflakes, you have it all on
one page! And it’s all free.

Note: You can now create public sites and share your page with
your friends! Setup a personal site very easily and collaboratively
work together

2 thoughts on “Pageflakes #1 Start page in Web 2.0 awards”

  1. As a brilliant programmer of C# do you really belive that, and are only developed with .net v2.0 and ATLAS. I downloaded all the stuffs for ATLAS(doc,ctp,sample all) and I found no hint or anything to build a site of that capacity. All you can do is make gadgets for them. (ofcourse you might be capable of building one.). But I postted a few Questions on ASP.NET forum. And I came to know there may be different framework for

    these kind of site(which MS keeps secret). You may visit the Thread

    Let you know your reaction at

    N.b. I simply love the way of your coding. I wish I could do!

  2. hi,

    this is dinesh.i wan to know is that can i able to create like these kind of pages using 1.1.if so how can i do that.can you please help me.

    please post ur replies to

    dinesh b

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