Stickout – .NET 2.0, Outlook Word Excel Add-in, VSTO, Remoting, you name it

StickOut is a desktop sticky note application with multi-user
support and Outlook integration. It is a .NET Framework 2.0 Windows
Forms application that uses .NET Remoting to communicate with other
StickOut users and exchange sticky notes with them. It uses the new
.NET Framework 2.0 IPC Channel for communicating between Microsoft
Outlook and the StickOut process. The Outlook Add-in allows you to
stick anything out to the desktop from Outlook including e-mails,
notes, tasks, appointments, etc., as sticky notes. Care has been
taken to reduce the memory footprint of a .NET application
significantly and to make a fast and smooth user experience. This
article chronicles my first day of planning the application,
through subsequent design, development, testing, and deployment
days, revealing the evolution of the application, and the
complications I dealt with at each step. You will read about lots
of .NET tricks, deployment and versioning problems, Visual Studio
tricks, and some other non-development–related tricks that
might help you to boost your daily development work.

Hope you enjoy it!

7 thoughts on “Stickout – .NET 2.0, Outlook Word Excel Add-in, VSTO, Remoting, you name it”

  1. Great work btw; i learn a lot from your blog. This is exactly what I’m looking for but can’t get it to work. I keep getting this error in the event log:

    EventType clr20r3, P1 stickout.exe, P2, P3 4316cfee, P4, P5, P6 4333aefa, P7 16c5, P8 33, P9 system.invalidoperationexception, P10 NIL.

    Any idea how can get this to work? Cheers.

  2. Please try rebuilding the entire solution again on your PC.

    Do you have all necessary components installed like .NET 2.0, VSTO, Office 2003 etc.

  3. Hello,
    Iam currently reviewing your application “Stickout“. First of all I think it is a really useful and well done app, but one (for me) important feature is missing. I want to have my Outlook notes ( and only my notes) synchronic with my desktop stickies.
    – All notes of Outlook should automatically be placed on the Desktop as Stick
    – Changes on Outlook notes should be synchronized with the desktop Stickies
    – Changes on desktop stickies (made from Outlook notes) should be synchronized back to Outlook notes as well)
    After that changes it would be possible to create notes by mobile phone or by Exchange OWA which would appear afterwards on my computer as stickie note. In my opinion this option should have been already implemented in Outlook.
    Iam not demanding, that you deal with that issues so it would be kind of you, when you just give me an clue where to start with my programming in your sourcecode ?

  4. hi, I have downloaded the dll’s from site. but i dont know how i can install these plugins with Outlook 2007.
    I am getting an error that the file is not a valid Office add-in.

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