jChaart – Web Dashboard Framework

A Javascript-only, web based Dashboard library, that you can use to make eye-catchy Charts showing Transactions stats for your application, Server CPU, Memory, IO graphs etc. It offers libraries to convert different types of delimited text files into Charts. Those delimited files are generated from various sources, eg running SQL queries against a Database, or running shell scripts to collect system stats, or Powershell scripts to process IIS logs. End result is a nice-looking Twitter Bootstrap powered, responsive Web Dashboard, that you can get up and running in no time, on any platform. Since it is HTML and Javascript, you can customize it to show exactly what you want, how you want. Quite handy for earning brownie points and wooing your customers.

Here’s an example how a Transaction Dashboard may look like:




And an example of a System Monitoring dashboard:


The GitHub project is here:


You are welcome to join and participate.


Codeuml.com is a web based UML designer where you code the diagram using a special language and it generates the diagram on the fly. It is faster than using any visual designer where you have to drag & drop diagram elements and use mouse to connect them. Codeuml uses the open source plantuml engine to produce diagram from text. You can produce UML diagrams as fast as you can code.

Dropthings: Web 2.0 AJAX Portal

An Open Source Web 2.0 AJAX Portal built using .NET 3.5, jQuery Linq to SQL+XML, Inversion of Control, Dependency Injection and all hot techs you can grasp in one shot. It is widely in use by companies like BT, Intel, Microsoft and many Education & Govt Orgs in the US, UK and other countries.

See it live! or Get the code