Droptiles – Metro Dashboard

Metro Style Live Tiles enabled Windows 8 Start like Web Dashboard. Great for building Enterprise Dashboards, Web 2.0 Portals, Touch Enabled Kiosk interface. Built using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

See it live or Go to the Project site.


4 thoughts on “Droptiles – Metro Dashboard”

  1. Hi Omar,

    I am an experienced embedded C programmer and recently started an ASP.NET web 2.0 project which might be a big one in few years 🙂 . First I started with Code first/EF/SQL server. But stuck when I needed to store additional profile data, might need to switch to MySQL in the future etc… Basically I am trying to figure out the most suitable base for a big website. And I am curious why you didn’t use MVC or code first in your project? Would you recommend using MVC /linq to entities for example? In case you say that google ing these is the best way to learn, I already did that and confused a bit:) As experience is the best teacher and you are quite experienced, if you can shed some light I’ll appreciate that.

  2. Hi Omar,

    actually i have a question and is searching for its answers from a couple of days but still i am answer less. i hope you will be able to answer my simple question.

    Question: i have a website and is running successfully, but the problem is that the UI (font family and font size) is not same, ie is not consistent through out the website. i want to upgrade my website (running on one of domain) look like today’s font and font-family (i mean some what like code-project, metro UI etc). will it be good to change css files of my running website or shall i have to redesign it from scratch or by just changing some of the tricks it would be possible to upgrade the site.

    please suggest me.

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