Open Source ASP.NET 3.5 AJAX Portal – new and improved

Last week I released a new version of Dropthings, my open source
AJAX portal, that shows many fancy Web 2.0 features and showcases
extensive use of ASP.NET 3.5, Workflow Foundation, C# 3.0 new
language features, custom ASP.NET AJAX extenders, many performance
and scalability techniques. I have written
a book
on these topics as well.

The new version implements the following performance and
scalability improvement techniques:

Here’s how the new version looks:

Dropthings new version

Hope you like the new design and the performance and scalability
techniques that can significantly boost your ASP.NET website’s
quality. I highly recommend these techniques for ASP.NET websites.
These are easy to implement and makes a world of difference in
speed and smoothness for ASP.NET websites.

I am thinking about making an ASP.NET MVC version of this portal
using jQuery. Do you think it will be a hot area to explore?

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23 thoughts on “Open Source ASP.NET 3.5 AJAX Portal – new and improved”

  1. If i put absolute positioned element inside a widget and do a drag drop the element is disappearing after dragdrop. It especially happens in IE7. to reproduce just place

    Some text here

    In anyone of the widget and do drag drop of that widget.

    Do you know any reason why this happens?


  2. I Change RSS Widget url as…/ent_tech.htm“, then the widget's content will display error encoding.

    What's the different with “XmlTextReader reader = new XmlTextReader(response.GetResponseStream())” and “XmlTextReader reader = new XmlTextReader(new StreamReader(response.GetResponseStream(), true ))” ?

  3. Omar master, if 2 or more “Fast RSS” widget will cooupy connections, so others widget will wait for RSS widget. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks.

  4. WidgetContainer.ascx's onmouseover="this.className='widget widget_hover'" will cause widget do drag & drop not work! says:

    Sir, When first load page, mouse in any widget, then the widget's drag & drop will not work. WidgetContainer.ascx's onmouseover=”this.className='widget widget_hover'” will cause widget do drag & drop not work!

  5. I too am working on taking the basic idea here and make it work with jquery (not implementing any optimizing tricks yet) but still working with the classic forms model. perhaps then i will create a way to use it with WCSF and have some load time mechanism to expose the available modules to the container for consumption by the application. In theory u should be able to develop a module outside of the main application environment then drop it into the main app and have it up and running after a restart

  6. First of all, I'd like to say your portal is verycool. I used it in my project.Recentlly I found an interesting bug in it.

    While widget elments are on loading, if my mouse pointer is just hovering on someplace an widet element will appear. This element will became an draggable.

    I traced your code, and found the bug alaies in CustomDragDropBehavior.js, line 112.

    if( child.className == this._DragItemClassValue && child != this._dropCue)

    For at that time, the DIV's class changed to “widget widget_hover”, the first equation test will return false.

  7. I would like to see an MVC version. I am not sure about JQuery. I hope I am not asking too much but if you have two forks, one with JQuery and one without, it will make almost everyone happy. Let us know your future plans.

  8. Dear Omar:

    I found a bug. First I delete the HTML Widget and add HTML Widget again. Then HTML Widget can not become a drag & drop.

  9. i love the way you develop widgets. But how these widget connect together? Do you have any solutions for this? I mean somethings like WebPart sharepoint

  10. I would love to see an ExtJs portal with MVC. A one page model using border layouts. Now that would be something.

  11. MVC beta is out now and Microsoft officially supports jquery , so i also vote to see in MVC

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