Dropthings now available from Microsoft/Web

Dropthings is now available on Microsoft/Web. You can now install it using the Web Platform Installer. I will soon write an article how to make an installer that can install a ASP.NET website, a SQL Server database, setup web.config files, setup directory permissions (eg App_Data) etc. It wasn’t straightforward and I learnt some best practices from the Microsoft/Web team. But for now, go ahead and download the app and build cool sites out of it.image


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16 thoughts on “Dropthings now available from Microsoft/Web”

  1. What is the default username and password to login to your site after i setup?
    Im unable to login and change anything…I remember webmatrix asking me for the database username and password but not the site username and password…
    What is the username and password?

  2. I want to use drothings framework and dontwant to use existing dropthings site code and default widget controls.
    Please tell me the procedure to add the framework to sample asp.net application( widget framework projects to sample asp.net application) and tell me the settings I need to add to web.config.

    And I know the widget creation and rest of the things.

    Please some one help me as soon as possible.

    Omar I’ve sent mail to you regarding this. Please give me a reply.

    Thanks in advance.

    Karunaker Reddy

    1. Dropthings is a complete framework. It requires not just the business layer and database but the UI as well since it’s a UI framework.

      The way to integrate Dropthings is to see the code written in Default.aspx and put that same code on your own pages. This way you can have the widgets serves on any page.
      You need to have the WidgetContainer, WidgetList etc usercontrols included in your solution.

  3. Thank you for the reply.

    Having WidgetContainer, WidgetList and some other tab controls, and default.aspx code in the page is not enough no?

    We need to update web.config right?
    Please tell me the necessary sections in web.config to add/modify.
    I’ve seen all your videos and those are very much helpfull and very clear. But no video is available to create a sample site or asp.net application by adding dropthings framework projects to sample app and to modify web.config.
    I’ve understood widget creation, database access changes, troubleshooting and other sections. I’ve tried 3 difft apps adding widget framework and the necessary widget user controls and web.config changes but I’m getting the error “The name Profile does not exist in the present context”. I dont know why I’m getting this error.
    And I’m struggling from past 5 days to get over this project.

    I would be better If you can provide a sample video by explaing a new sample project from the scratch by adding dropthigs dll projects to that app and having web.config changes …video will be like ready to go to deveolop own website by using dropthings framework.

    Thank you Omar.

    Karunaker Reddy

  4. can i load dynamic widget based on user action in a widget.
    For example I have a sign in widget in that when a user click on sign in button i need to display some other widget in the place of sign in widget dynamically. can i do that….
    Just tell whether it is possible or not and if possible pls tell me the idea

  5. for the above q’n “dynamic loading of widgets based on user action in a widget.

    all the widgets which are displayed in this sectron are totally locked…
    and when a user clciks on a button in a widget i need to cal other widget and should be displayed in the place of original widget for that session only…but not for all the time and not for the next login of the same session.

  6. Hi Omar,

    If i want to use this dropthings framework for my site do i need to take any licennse, do i need to pay for it. If i need to pay for it – how much i need to pay?

  7. Hi Omar,

    I like dropthings very much and I’d like to use it.
    But there is one problem. i use AjaxControlToolkit and ToolkitScriptManager for my application. You use ScriptManager (ASP.NET v3.5). And of course, I can’t implemented my widgets to dropthings without this message “AjaxControlToolkit requires ASP.NET Ajax 4.0 scripts. Ensure the correct version of the scripts are referenced. If you are using an ASP.NET ScriptManager, switch to the ToolkitScriptManager in AjaxControlToolkit.dll”
    So, I need your advice: what is the best way to solve this problem?
    Please, reply on ia-io@yandex.ru

  8. Hi Omar,

    Is there a solution to the above ToolkitScriptManager issue? I am having the same problem although when I try to reference the ToolkitScriptManager form the ScriptManagerControl.ascx I get the following IE 9 Javascript error:

    Line: 639
    Error: Unable to get value of the property ‘UI’: object is null or undefined]

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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