Top questions asked about data grid

This paper addresses some
of the questions about customizing grid display that are commonly
asked in newsgroups, on Web sites, and in other developer forums.
The techniques described here are sometimes quite simple and at
other times somewhat involved. In each case, however, they address
a question of how to go beyond the basic functionality of the
DataGrid control.


  • Windows Forms versus
    Web Forms DataGrid Controls
  • Controlling Column
    Width, Height, and Alignment
  • Customizing Column
    Layout in Display and Edit Mode
  • Formatting Dates,
    Currency, and Other Data
  • Showing and Hiding
    Columns Dynamically
  • Adding Columns
  • Adding New Records to a
    Data Source Using the DataGrid Control
  • Displaying a Drop-Down
    List in Edit Mode
  • Selecting Multiple
    Items Using a Check Box (Hotmail Model)
  • Editing Multiple Rows
    At Once
  • Selecting Rows by
    Clicking Anywhere

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