Open Source WPF UML Design tool

PlantUmlEditor is my
new free open source UML designer project built using WPF and .NET
3.5. If you have used plantuml before, you know
that you can quickly create sophisitcated UML diagrams without
struggling with a designer. Especially those who use Visio to draw
UML diagrams (God forbid!), you will be at heaven. This is a super
fast way to get your diagrams up and ready for show. You can
*write* UML diagrams in plain English, following a simple syntax
and get diagrams generated on-the-fly.

This editor really saves time designing UML diagrams. I have to
produce quick diagrams to convey ideas quickly to Architects,
Designers and Developers everyday. So, I use this tool to write
some quick diagrams at the speed of coding, and the diagrams get
generated on the fly. Instead of writing a long mail explaining
some complex operation or some business process in English, I can
quickly write it in the editor in almost plain English, and get a
nice looking activity/sequence diagram generated instantly. Making
major changes is also as easy as doing search-replace and
copy-pasting blocks here and there. You don’t get such agility in
any conventional mouse-based UML designers.

PlantUML editor screencast

I have submited a full codeproject article to give you a detail
walkthrough how I have built this. Please read this article and
vote for me if you like it.

PlantUML Editor: A fast and simple UML editor using WPF

You can download the project from here:

9 thoughts on “Open Source WPF UML Design tool”

  1. Hi, I'm trying to create new diagrams but they are not drawn… I'm probably doing something wrong with dot.exe. Could you point me in the right direction?

    My machine is win7 x64.


  2. I also didn't have Java installed (and it didn't work). After installing the latest JVM, everything works. Really cool!

  3. Tom, do you have Java installed?

    Can you try a sequence diagram and see if it works? If the seq diagram does not generate, than you don't have Java 1.5 or higher installed.

    If seq dia works, but other diagrams does not work, then something to do with GraphViz. May be you need to install the latest version of GraphViz.

  4. Updated version available. Can everyone please try and see if the app automatically gets the new version and updates itself?

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