Mac OSX vs. Windows Vista

Today we purchased an iMac (Intel Dual Core) in order to test
Safari 2.0 support for Pageflakes. My first impression, I
am totally blown away by its performance. The UI is unbelievable
well done and the visual effects you see are 10 years ahead of
time. I was comparing OS features of Mac OS X 10.4.X.X with Windows
Vista. To be honest, I am suffering from inferiority complex now.
Windows Vista is so lame compared to Mac OS X. Vista copied all OS
X’s concepts for which at least I feel ashamed whether Microsoft
feels or not. But it did not make anything better after copying.
Normally Microsoft copies others ideas and makes them really better
in all possible ways. But Mac OS X is so seriously better than any
other OS. The widgets you see with the OS X are mind
blowing. Vista side bar goes nowhere near to it. Also the
concept of switching to regular mode and widget mode is by far the
best idea. We normally don’t want to occupy desktop space with
widgets. That’s why in OS X, the whole screen switches to widget
view when you press middle button.

OSX kernel is made from Unix. So, it’s
seriously powerful and stable. The command line tools are very
feature rich. Those who love *nix command line, will feel at home
in OSX. Vista still offers those poor command line tools from
Windows XP/2003. Nothing improved much.

If somehow OSX can run Windows apps like Visual Studio, MS Word
etc, I will undoubtedly switch to OSX. Even Windows Vista won’t be
able to compromise me.

Best of all, you can buy an iMac with Intel Processor and use
dual boot to run both Windows and Mac OSX. So, when you work, boot
on Windows. When you want to have fun, go to OSX.

3 thoughts on “Mac OSX vs. Windows Vista”

  1. Well! the only and only reason I use Windows is Visual Studio and we do 99.99999% of our development work for Windows. I believe Visual Studio with Team System is planet’s most sophisticated development enviornment.

  2. i absoloutely disagree with you, the imac compied windows because they are so *** and the windows vista owns imac any day if you compare imac against vista then u will be screwed. having icons and shortcuts on your desktop is much more easier than having stupid confusing menus all around the screen and just so u remember the imac is crap, *** U LOOSER!!!

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