An Agile Developer’s workflow when SCRUM is used

If you are planning to start SCRUM at your company, you might
need to train developers and QA to get into the mindset of an Agile
developer. SCRUM is only successful when the developers and QA get
into the habit of following the principles of SCRUM by heart. So,
sometimes you need to offer training or do trial sprints to give
some room to your developers how to get used to the working fashion
of SCRUM. Giving them a handy workflow diagram that shows how they
should work helps soothe the steep learning curve required for
non-super star developers. I made such a workflow while I was
teaching SCRUM at my friend’s company. The following diagram was
printed and hung over the desk of each and every developer to help
them grasp the culture of SCRUM quickly:


We use Flyspray for issue tracking, so you will see the mention
of it frequently.

You will see the step to “Update Sprint backlog with remaining
hours” is missing. This is done kinda verbally and scrum master
(sometimes same person who is the product owner) keeps track of

Hope you find this useful.

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6 thoughts on “An Agile Developer’s workflow when SCRUM is used”

  1. Omar,

    Thanks for introducing the daily workflow. I would like to draw your attention on the following.

    I found that on your workflow, you mentioned a role called PM (= Project Manager). And this role seems to be on the center of some of your activities.

    Apart from being an iterative and incremental process, scrum really stresses on self managing team. I would suggest you to take a look into this,…/scrumprimer.pdf, a concisely compiled document on scrum basics.

    S. M. Sohan

  2. Good catch! Actually here I meant PM = Product Manager, who performs partial the role of Product Owner and complete role of Scrum Master.

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